Changelog - Full




  • Lexi 14th event

  • Lexi 15th event

  • Mina 17th event

  • Mina 18th event

  • repeatable date with Lexi - ‘Kitchen Date’

  • Lexi can react to player not attending their date, or not asking her out besides promising to

  • 4 new quest items vodka, wine, old wine, and premium ice cream

  • How many of the given card you have in card selection screen

  • Quick Save/Load to the bottom menu in Android port

  • Mina can get drunk, and have a hangover

  • conditions for tasks to complete and progress, Mina won’t do nor complete tasks if she has a hangover

  • you can loot ice creams in a market at most once per day, you can now get premium ice creams, and loot for ice creams always since her 14th event

  • red map frame for planned dates, map icon will be turning to red when Lexi waits for you

  • what’s new for 0.2.3


  • you no longer lose deck if you’re defeated in Lexi’s 13th event

  • removed items not used in crafting from iron chests (2)

  • increased abandoned car loot


  • Savenia could be found before Mina’s 5th event, which lead to continuity error in the next events

  • card register not removing cards on death

  • error when using deck list when registry is corrupted

  • tasks with not set location sometimes not completing on time (no such task in vanilla)

  • bad outfit for Rachel in her 2nd replay

  • Rachel 9th and Lexi 10th events not triggering

  • cupboard not trigger-able from the map

  • Alice in player bed after Grace 11th event

  • some checks not working in replays

  • Sandwich tooltip saying it heals 35 hp instead of 12



  • new, much better prologue

  • Grace 11th story event

  • Grace 12th story event

  • Merged story event - 13th Grace, 15th Alice, 5th Little Fox

  • Grace night prank event

  • Grace sleep footjob event

  • Grace night footjob event (yeah, two footjobs)

  • Grace revenge secret event

  • talking with Grace about her revenge

  • Grace can be angry at the player

  • option to apologize to Grace with a rose or by being charismatic

  • Footjob, Dildo and Masturbation to Grace statistics

  • Rubbing and dildo to Alice statistics

  • Rhainda 3rd event

  • Rhainda 4th event

  • Rachel 9th event

  • cunnilingus to Rachel stats

  • eating dinner with Grace in her 6th event heals and gives a buff

  • Lesbian to Rhainda stats

  • Masturbation and Lesbian to Little Fox stats

  • Little Fox x Rhainda event now raises their lesbian stat

  • Alice’s 8th event raises dildo and masturbation stats

  • action sounds to the manticore, werewolves, spiders

  • 3 new cosmos renders, they’ll appear at random

  • Sugar Frenzy buff

  • outros to the last main girl events

    1. consumable items

    1. pouches, (3) chests & (2) keys used to open them

  • optimized tooltips

  • updated translations, Spanish fully translated

  • option to test sample sound

  • some spacing to the buffs in character menu

  • background to stats tooltips

  • new intro

  • killing human enemies now raises corruption again, up to 20%


  • What’s new won’t show for first time players anymore

  • Beginner Guide will show for first time players again

  • removed talking with Lexi about boxes

  • optimized image loading in many events

  • left & right character placements are now not on the edges

  • notifications are centered now

  • removed Lexi and Grace first story events, the new prologue takes their place

  • replaced mysterious coin drops from enemies with chests & pouches

  • buffs icons

  • removed rng from triggering two Mina’s events

  • Millionaire dream now triggers only after meting Aharon


  • Alice shower dildo blowjob didn’t raise stats

  • PC wallpaper showing after defeating dragon summoned with Discord veteran’s code

  • no transition between two Grace images

  • some things not translating, despite having translation files

  • continuity errors at Rachel and Little Fox outfit events

  • double transition in Lexi’s 2nd event

  • getting Life with Alice dream before progressing with Alice

  • error at Lexi’s 9th event when using Vietnamese translation

  • many dreams playing at once

  • Lexi could go out again after bringing food

  • Lexi or Alice appearing in weird places after their events that didn’t advance the time

  • Savenia could go out often before healing her leg

  • pc icons not disappearing after inserting wallpapers code

  • Tooltips having wrong background size on Android and in translations

  • Grace’s ninth event showing on map before its requirements were attained

  • not being able to use all options in Grace bath replay

  • sound volume settings not working for some sounds

  • Lexi appearing in two places at once on map

  • tooltip staying behind from interaction menu when using it or closing it with a key

  • tooltip staying after closing inventory with a key

  • on kill effects not triggering if it’s the last enemy



  • updated Vietnamese and Spanish translations

  • Fredericka font support for Vietnamese

  • discount for relations with traders


  • robin sex scene animations not showing

  • checkered background after credits in the replays

  • some things not translating despite having translation files - eq. item uses

  • no image - sidebar dark 1/2 on Android

  • error when using items in the vault, while not having any of this item in the inventory

  • negative hp when your ally wins the battle or you run after player’s defeated

  • Outfit unlocked message appearing even if outfit was already unlocked

  • corruption exploit with sleeping Grace

  • trust/lust exploit with sleeping Lexi

  • corruption exploit with wc peeking

  • corruption exploit with bath peeking

  • stuck at the tutorial after tweaking difficulty settings, and killing werewolf before designed

  • no lust increase from Kiara sex scenes

  • pc buttons being active in replay, wallpaper and collectible menus

  • outfit unlocked messages appearing also in the middle

  • Devotee girl not changing expression after player tells her to fuck off

  • missing item notification using ID instead of item name

  • rare error on save after giving Rachel materials

  • typos & grammar mistakes



  • Alice valentine wallpapers

  • bright hover to wallpaper menu

  • tooltips to wallpapers menu with wallpaper name

  • disable animation support to all animations that didn’t have it

  • Animations ON/OFF setting to Video tab replacing old settings

  • Notifications style settings to Game tab

  • icons to the items

  • crafting to the character screen

  • updated translations for Spanish and Vietnamese

  • a model info to Rhainda relations tab

  • move items slider to vault and trade

  • Even out function to the trading menu

  • Good Profit mechanic to the traders

  • preview of increased relations to the traders + relations counter

  • Disable Fredericka font setting to the game settings

  • scrollbar to the relations tab

  • some more stuff from 0.2.2 (and 0.2.2a) to what’s new

  • notification to the trader’s relations increase outside of a trade deal

  • option to chose defeat in Rhainda’s 1st event replay

  • community tag to Vietnamese translation

  • hover effect to flags


  • Supporters about/credits font

  • Now wallpapers will be sorted, and unlocked wallpapers will show before locked ones

  • HP bars image

  • removed cumming animations from the most events that had them

  • minor dialogue changes in a few events

  • removed continue option from most prostitute sex scenes

  • notifications window

  • reworked the whole inventory system

  • interact ‘Interact’ font to Fredericka

  • interact menu buttons to follow new GUI style

  • merged character and inventory menus

  • inventory + character menu follows new GUI style

  • vault follows new GUI style

  • crafting menu to follow the new GUI style

  • optimized crafting menu performance

  • increased Mysterious Coin worth 10 -> 60

  • decreased chance to drop Mysteries Coin for most enemies (by 50%)

  • chance when looting treasure trove to obtain Mysterious Coin 100% -> 40%

  • removed obsolete tooltips from character menu

  • relations menu to follow new GUI style

  • help menu to follow new GUI style

  • story menu to follow new GUI style

  • decks menu to follow new GUI style

  • expanded menu icons to follow the new GUI style

  • outfit crafting menu to follow the new GUI style

  • outfit crafting will now happen on clicking the outfit

  • now you can use items in vault for all quests

  • now the items you gave to girls in event previously will not be there next time

  • now wandering trader’s daughter trade will clean up bought things

  • wandering trader now will offer some items only after some relations reached

  • increased maximum Hollow Market discount 10% -> 20%, it’s harder to increase relations

  • Hollow Market now allow to pay with everything, it restocks weekly

  • Hollow Market can now have more different items to buy, some require higher relations with them

  • default name for new players will be John now

  • notification side for code insertion

  • dream with the devil animation to the moving image

  • Patrons settings category will no longer show for non Patrons

  • what’s new frame to more readable one

  • one dialogue line in the Grace’s nightmare event

  • wandering trader’s daughter is now not separate trader

  • Mysterious Trader will restock everyday

  • You can no longer continue Alice’s Q&A game in replay after losing all caps

  • music in first Rhainda event is now positive after the fight

  • Sample Mod stickman dream is now off by default for new players

  • now Warehouse event replay will always have people inside the warehouse

  • In Roars in the Sky event you can now shot at the sky in replay, this option is no longer usable in normal gameplay without a shotting card

  • Prostitutes can now be priced at not full values

  • Madam Hof will display prices in caps now

  • Wandering Trader will display prices in caps now

  • discount from relations no longer applies to the wandering trader daughter services


  • previous scene seen after battle when picking a card

  • interaction menu’s Lobby (view B) button, taking player to his room

  • multiple healing notifications after sleep

  • error on Treasure Chest events

  • error on exploration on old saves under some circumstances

  • a possibility of patches not applying correctly between some versions

  • Alice’s WC anal having an odd image with animations OFF

  • wrong image after animation ends in Grace’s 2nd massage event

  • second Grace massage in clothes not raising stats

  • a few weird transitions in Succubi events

  • possible error at midnight kiss event

  • suicide saying you lost cards

  • Alice task error if it was taken before 0.2.1e

  • Astral Lust dream triggering before meeting Kiara

  • tooltip staying after clicking continue in the tutorial

  • rare error at the tutorial end

  • listed cards in deck were aligned to the left side

  • Alice stranded outfit weaving not working

  • could enter playroom before building it with the interactions menu

  • Alice, Lexi and Grace showing in their room while being somewhere else after some events

  • error at replays of midnight kiss event

  • Alice sleeping in player’s bed after Grace coming for a sleepover

  • some translations not appearing due to % and %% translation generation conversion

  • trade save/load exploit

  • Spanish translation sleep being smaller in bed dialogue menu

  • in Spanish Rest icon text is no longer off icon

  • Relations tab one person being hidden under the image

  • updated/added entry not being translated

  • weird spacing at the end of 0.2.2 what’s new

  • black screen in replay in warehouse exploration event

  • Alice task related errors for people that didn’t cancel her task since before 0.2.1e

  • Alice not showing up first in the replay of Q&A event

  • Alice changing outfit in Q&A replay

  • some rare, latent problems with Alice’s Q&A event involving not taking item rewards from her

  • possible errors in building shrine replays

  • items in Alice Q&A shared between saves on one playthrough

  • no background in Mina’s Good Ol’ Bootle replay

  • no background in Lexi’s Trouble at the Market & Feet Massage replays

  • no background in Grace’s Play House event replay

  • no background in Lola’s event replays

  • no background in the first three secret endings replays

  • black/checker background in skip mode if animation didn’t decode first frame before displaying them with some animations

  • Amanda’s default way of calling player not translating

  • typos



  • Spanish and Vietnamese translations

  • Difficulty settings - change at PC

  • Grace coming for a sleepover after having a nightmare

  • Lexi x Grace interaction in the kitchen - 5 variants

  • 3rd Kitsune to the game - Rhainda

  • 1st Rhainda story event - Hunter

  • 2nd Rhainda story event - New Home

  • Little Fox kissing with Rhainda (can be toggled off)

  • Threesome with Little Fox & Rhainda

  • sex event with Rhainda - Fighter

  • 4th Kiara story event - Myth of Creation

  • Kiara repeatable sex scene - 5 outfits, 225 animations

  • New Kiara sex scene - 5 outfits

  • footjob, cunnilingus to Kiara stats

  • new outfits crafting menu

  • Kiara Angel outfit

  • Kiara Nympho outfit

  • Kiara Party Girl outfit

  • message to unlocking outfits

  • support for multiple notifications

  • apps in the pc now have description labels

  • Resume to the main menu, it will allow to resume game where you ended it

  • new erotic scene to Alice shower event

  • increasing vitality heals for increase in max health

  • Mod Settings for Sample Mod, it allows to toggle Stickman dream

  • new secret (bad) ending

  • credits to game over


  • reversed required/owned item count in the crafting menu

  • optimized card crafting menu

  • Craft button to Create button

  • debug mode app is shown only if debug mode is on

  • added outlines to bottom part of PC

  • decreased Flirtatious Look cost to 1, and changed vulnerable 1 to 2

  • improved and optimized state selection

  • Player stats no longer give buffs, instead they work passively

  • Moved story mode from game settings to difficulty settings

  • size of tooltip for interactions menu

  • You can no longer dream when sleeping with girls

  • expanded Fireworks tooltip

  • chance for girl night party occurring to controlled 1/14 chance.


  • Orc with halberd saying it’ll attack five times instead of four

  • tutorial saying Rubik cube will increase spirituality

  • error when trying to destroy cards with Destroy that were used in battle

  • Destroy cards not being destroyed

  • possible no image when escaping in event Chased Trader Daughter

  • hp being above max if vitality decreased



  • Now by default the show mask option will be turned off on Android

  • Stickman Dream was disabled

  • Blood Diamond uses 3 Coal instead of 12 Stone now


  • Savenia bike in the interactions menu before finding her

  • Sample Mod settings showing in settings before being fully implemented

  • changes in event rarity not being reflected immediately on new saves

  • new events not being triggerable immediately on new saves

  • before first meeting the girl, her outfits were not showing in wardrobe correctly

  • card tooltip staying after selecting a card

  • card tooltip staying after using a card

  • card tooltip staying after destroying a card

  • affection and time of day not updating visual bug



  • footjob to Lexi stats

  • new threesome position stats

  • new setting - Game - Show interaction menu (I key)

  • new setting - Game - Show tasks menu (T key)

  • new setting - Game - Choice menu position

  • new chinatown region arena

  • Patreon and Discord links to the what’s new

  • scrollbars to sex positions counter if too many entries

  • 3 unique cards for January 2022 Patrons - Blood Diamond, Delusions, The Last Journey

  • unique card for everyone - Fireworks

  • Lifesteal attack icon to combat

  • summoning allies (for now Delusions card only)

  • Interactions menu


  • moved choice buttons to the right

  • optimized wardrobe

  • animated hovering over intractable items

  • Christmas is now available only till 6th January

  • devourer leech attack icon

  • optimized all cards view

  • made what’s new footer italic


  • error when seeing Alice get combat gears task completion

  • Lexi’s 8th event showing incorrectly on the map

  • injured dragon not showing on old versions

  • error in wardrobe

  • Lexi’s footjob not increasing stats

  • Mina’s 3rd event animations not playing

  • Faceless not exhausting

  • combat tutorial doesn’t reset

  • cards displaying wrong attributes in decks after battle

  • odd game settings placement

  • story mode not preventing random combat encounter

  • Alice Get Combat Gear task

  • hundreds of typos and grammar mistakes

  • xmas without time limits before completion

  • Mina and Lexi 8th event is shown on map but can’t be triggered

  • mysterious trader exploit - rolling back after seeing cards

  • alice sexpos menu could overflow beyond screen if you were bad boy

  • arrow in lola room being offscreen

  • ‘,’ at the end of sentence when getting multiple unique cards at once



  • decreased chance of Roars in the Sky event


  • injured dragon event not triggering

  • savenia & lexi not disappearing from map after 7th Savenia event

  • errors on tasks - TypeError: loot() argument after ** must be a mapping, not tuple

  • error on option I want to be master of my own destiny from the devil



  • increased trade icons/text for android

  • on android clicking outside the menu when choosing deck will toggle showing enemies

  • on android clicking a card will make it bigger and clicking it again will use it, clicking outside will return the card

  • Tower has no side effect, armor 5 - 3, empower 2 - 1

  • removed few strong enemies from average combat difficulty

  • story exploration events now have lower chance


  • Judgment card dealing damage only to one enemy

  • out of place Hollow Market on android

  • destroying/moving cards between decks counting as interaction

  • error when checking combat tutorial in help menu

  • card related checks

  • encountering the most powerful enemies if not defeated average enemies before (no more masochist mode)

  • error on Alice’s Get Combat Gear task

  • typos


  • 0.2.0c fixes



  • Lexi feet massage activity

  • Christmas event - Beginning

  • Christmas event - Alice the Christmas Elf

  • Christmas event - Santa Lexi

  • Christmas event - Deer Gracie

  • Christmas event - Kitty

  • Christmas event - Sober

  • Christmas event - Holy Night

  • December Patron wallpapers

  • Christmas 2021 Postcard wallpaper


  • improved map event flickering mechanism



  • Christmas event will now reset each year


  • being able to trigger Christmas without any story progress

  • the first deck resetting after load

  • unable to pick up two collectibles

  • error when opening a vault on new saves

  • other save loading related bugs

  • healing Alice required all possible cards

  • error when task completed at wanderers hideout



  • now map will glow if story event is available


  • improved exploration rng generator, improved story even chance

  • removed character menu help window as it caused issues


  • bathing/shower exploit

  • savenia’s map event support

  • error when trying to destroy a card (right click)

  • able to leave deck menu without 11 cards

  • exhaustible deck exploit

  • previous patches were run when loading new game



  • Savenia can now go out after her leg healed

  • shortcut to open/close map “m”


  • skipping tutorial was not permanent

  • error when using Slice card

  • Patron display for long names

  • save/load bug with disappearing allies

  • Wheel of Fortune card doing nothing in some cases

  • Savenia being at the hotel after leaving

  • bike displays when looking for upgrading hotel when it should not

  • Grace outfit changes in the cooking task

  • task could be finished at night, let the girls sleep!

  • a few characters could be at the bathroom/wc at once

  • girls still asking what you want them to do even if task in auto mode



  • Decks system

  • choosing deck before combat

  • 8 deck sorting algorithms

  • 5 deck display options

  • buffs system

  • buffs to character menu

  • 2 buffs - Well Fed, Reinforced Armor

  • Tasks system

  • Tasks silent mode

  • Tasks auto repeat option

  • Task settings

  • Tasks to Lexi

  • Tasks to Grace

  • Tasks to Alice

  • Tasks to Mina

  • 2 cards - Snipe & Frag Grenade

  • new status effect - Hunter’s Mark

  • 3 new enemies - Bandit with wakizashi & Bandit with a knife & Bandit Captain

  • generic combat to exploration events

  • a real combat tutorial

  • Allies system - story based only

  • Lexi 13th story event - Trouble at the Market

  • easter egg to Lexi’s laptop

  • Grace can appear at the first floor corridor cleaning

  • Grace cleaning 1st floor activity - 2 variants

  • Grace cleaning 2nd floor activity - 2 variants

  • Grace cleaning lobby activity - 2 variants

  • Grace cooking activity - 3 variants

  • Grace play house activity

  • asking Mina about Jack - previous hotel owner

  • asking Alice about Jack - previous hotel owner

  • asking Grace about Jack - previous hotel owner

  • Fox Shrine expansion

  • Rachel - new catchable fox girl

  • Rachel events support to the map

  • Rachel appears at the lobby

  • Rachel appears at the shrine

  • Rachel to the journal

  • Rachel to the girls menu

  • Rachel 1st story event - Saving the Fox

  • Rachel 2nd-6th story events - Building Shrine

  • Rachel 7th story event - Magical Outfit

  • Rachel 8th story event - The Arrival

  • Savenia 6th story event - Recovery

  • Savenia 7th story event - Return

  • Savenia 8th story event - A Surprise

  • Little Fox category to replays

  • Little Fox can live at the hotel

  • Little Fox 2nd story event - At the Hotel

  • Little Fox hunger mechanic

  • Little Fox Thief outfit

  • Little Fox appears at the shrine

  • Little Fox events support to the map

  • Little Fox 3rd story event - Little Thief

  • Little Fox 4th story event - Treasure Hunt

  • Little Fox feeding - handjob - 2 outfits

  • Little Fox feeding - blowjob - 2 outfits

  • Little Fox feeding - footjob - 2 outfits

  • dialogue lines to the Little Fox at the treasure hunt exploration event

  • kissing Little Fox at the treasure hunt exploration event

  • dialogue line to Friendly Wanderers event

  • Injured Dragon exploration event

  • Chased Trader’s Daughter exploration event

  • Life with Alice dream event

  • Damsel in Distress - Traitor exploration event

  • Damsel in Distress - Pregnant exploration event

  • 10 Patron wallpapers

  • cheat code to all tiers


  • added Take Cover and Stab to the starting deck, removed Dodge

  • tooltips in character menu now follow mouse

  • optimized menus code

  • balanced trade with the devil

  • random combat will no longer give the same bandits in one fight

  • generic combat event beginning

  • now all facilities at the forge open crafting

  • Cards can no longer be kept in the vault (infinite card storage with decks system)

  • Skill change message now follows new format: ‘x improved (x level)’

  • Alice trade in questions game now uses her nickname if set

  • empty card selections will no longer display

  • forge help message

  • crafting now can take vault materials

  • Bandits Rape to Bandits - assault event name in replays

  • different naming style in replay menu

  • improved replay gallery recovery

  • journal/codex GUI improved, increased readability

  • battles are now skipped in replay

  • Little Fox is now considered a side girl

  • Expanded wallpaper adding by code message

  • removed Guard, Healing, Retaliate cards from dragon loot


  • looking at draw pile shows which cards will be drawn in order

  • Lexi love above maximum for some players

  • Despair tooltip

  • one intent image for Devourer Giant

  • Looking for Powerful enemies found Strong enemies instead

  • Birthday Gift part 2 replay not playing the whole event

  • notification showing even if no items were looted

  • crafting cards resets slider to the top

  • vault space being permanently filled after using vault materials

  • can’t progress with Little Fox in SFW mode

  • narrator used instead of Grace in one line

  • no shadows in Little Fox smile image

  • enemies waiting for deceased turn

  • replay gallery category buttons highlights

  • now it’s impossible to start battle with dead being, instead it will have 1 hp

  • affection notify messages in replay

  • messages with 0 increase in trust/lust/affection/submission

  • map showing story events available when characters were in the toilet or outside

  • typos



  • attempt at running away costs 2 energy

  • caps to hollow market


  • sacrifice is no longer affected by most debuffs

  • nerfed cultists a little

  • nerfed one dragon ultimate ability

  • nerfed manticore stunning abilities

  • increased cooldown of manticore critic buff

  • decreased strength from werewolf “empower” action 5 -> 3

  • decreased werewolf hp 132 -> 98

  • nerfed orcs a little, lowered their hp, changed critic to strength

  • Headbutt cost to 2, increased base damage to 4


  • mousetooltip not disappearing sometimes

  • error when using Faceless card

  • error when using Slice (provided by Alex250)

  • Slice from sample mod not in bandit lootlists (provided by Alex250)

  • spit poison tooltip size

  • card description not updated when drawing cards mid-turn

  • removed placeholder mod settings

  • stun immunity doing nothing

  • card tooltip not closing after using a card when behind is another card

  • enemy action cooldowns resetting each turn

  • Stunning the same enemy on successive turns will not change its intent but will still stun them

  • After winning against the Dragon on Volcanic Fumes from the code in the PC, the Wallpaper of the PC is not closed and hides the scene

  • if an enemy starts with Strength their Intent does not take it into account initially



  • spikes not granting thorns

  • resurrect not working



  • now strength bonus is not calculated when defining relative card attack


  • error after exploring 129 times in a single session

  • past lives not advancing time

  • true damage not bypassing block

  • unavoidable attack being avoidable

  • sacrifice damage being affected by the buffs

  • error on using Ritual card



  • 0.1.10 what’s new

  • all 0.1.9f fixes



  • Mina can appear at the vault

  • 2 H scenes with Mina at the vault

  • one topic to talk about with Mina in the vault

  • new status effect Heart of Flames

  • new card: Heart of Flames

  • damsel in distress event series

  • damsel in distress - brunette

  • damsel in distress - soldier

  • damsel in distress - bimbo

  • damsel in distress - milf

  • damsel in distress - short

  • Main Story side event - Past Lives


  • the rest of status effects icons

  • Dragon now has Heart of Flames buff/card

  • many event lootlists

  • arena park2 rerendered

  • enchanced RNG mechanic of exploring


  • supporters overlapping if in game menu inside main menu

  • after Grace change, Grace position is not updated

  • supporters weird display on 4K branch



  • error on opening settings after 0.1.9e patch

  • card tooltip not closing after using a card when behind is another card

  • added various fixes from 0.1.10 patches



  • death on mina’s event has no side effects now


  • item loss on rollback

  • vault exploit

  • Freedom in Death & Death cards not ending combat

  • supporters overlapping if in game menu inside main menu

  • after Grace change, Grace position is not updated

  • supporters weird display on 4K branch



  • error when using Cease Fire Treaty



  • new deck images

  • health bar size is dependent on enemy width

  • supporters to the main menu


  • battle gui placement

  • now you can only rollback to battle start, not each move


  • error after answering all Alice questions without taking her items

  • (possibly) rollback after death not returning items if died in combat sometimes



  • errors on loading save prior to 0.1.9 if shortly before fought enemy group



  • Burning and Poison tooltips


  • Sweep description

  • The Sun tooltip

  • strength decreases to 1 with max strength on the second turn

  • burning immunity not working

  • immunities not decreasing effects on receiving them



  • strength & agility add buffs in combat again

  • wallpapers looting in the fight again

  • animated hp bar


  • X cost cards couldn’t be played

  • overlapping indications

  • Flirtatious Look not changing enemy intent

  • error on Faceless using debuff

  • looting exploit

  • card descriptions not updating after killing enemy

  • unable to skip if loaded from inside of combat

  • hp bar not reflecting actual hp at the start



  • reworked combat (saves in the middle of an old fight will give error)

  • reworked cards


  • end turn keybind (spacebar)

  • powersave & frameskip to video settings

  • 5 status effects - Dragon Might, Persistence, Illusive, Venomous & Fury

  • new card - Dragonborn (orange, from dragon)

  • option to toggle rollback block after version upgrade

  • Midnight Kiss event

  • 10 wallpapers

  • templates to mods folder


  • added tabs to what’s new screen

  • powersave by deafult is now off (was auto)

  • optimized save load code

  • now game by default is launched in fullscreen

  • balanced many enemies

  • balanced many cards


  • life steal doesn’t work on the last hit

  • error on Grace changing clothes

  • 97 other issues, both design flaws and bugs



  • 460 images

  • 36 animations

  • 3rd savenia event

  • 4th savenia event

  • 5th savenia event

  • repeatable savenia H scene

  • boobjob, blowjob, outside, inside to savenia stats

  • footjob to Mina’s stats

  • new dialogue option with Little Fox

  • patting cat - bedroom/lobby/kitchen

  • patting dog - bedroom/lobby/corridor

  • pats to cat & dog stats

  • kissing lexi - bedroom

  • kissing alice - bedroom/gym

  • kissing grace - bedroom/lobby/kitchen/corridor/goodnight/corrupted goodnight

  • kissing mina - love/friend/competition

  • kisses to Alice, Mina, Lexi & Grace stats

  • submission, blowjob, thighjob, handjob, anal, came inside to Grace stats

  • new bad ending (secret)

  • sex positions to girls stats

  • masturbation & boobjob to Alice stats

  • 5 new wallpapers (patrons)

  • 4th vault expansion - +25/+2 space

  • 5th vault expansion - +25/+2 space, Currency no longer takes space

  • 6th vault expansion - +25/+2 space, Space for materials per level +100% (+175/0)

  • 7th vault expansion - +25/+2 space, Space for materials & cards per level +100% (+200/+16)

  • several text & textbox related settings

  • settings to change main menu images

  • new characters icons to the map

  • recover (fix) gallery button support for new and all future story events

  • scrollbar to crafting screen

  • Always Display Masks option to game settings

  • masks opacity sliders to settings (for now only in forced mode)

  • new font for madness lines

  • map support for savenia events

  • wallpaper code input window

  • allowed copy-paste wallpaper code

  • ‘what’s new’ screen on the first time launching new version


  • drastically improved performance of wallpaper and collectibles tabs

  • Savenia’s first event tip, now it clarifies need for the next hotel floor

  • main menu has new looks

  • text is now outlined by default

  • now main menu shows girls

  • now finding treasure map doesn’t end exploration

  • increased chance of finding map 30 -> 35

  • increased blur for sfw mode in 4k

  • story dialogue options now are highlighted

  • dialogue options (repeatable) show what they increase

  • now characters in the map are outlined

  • renamed ‘fix gallery’ button to ‘recover gallery’

  • removed patreon icon from PC

  • improved card destroying screen

  • increased vault/crafting menu size

  • increased card size in vault

  • increased vault (materials) space per level to 50

  • bad endings now block rollback

  • when training after reaching the cap, you no longer tire yourself

  • one line in Alice’s 5th event

  • building/upgrading hotel now checks vault for the items too

  • increased card size in the deck view

  • setting tabs are now always displayed


  • some clipping in renders when finding cat

  • SFW mode not blocking Alice masturbation/ass in Mina’s 3rd event

  • weird light reflection in Mina’s 3rd event

  • unable to finish SFW mode because of lack of lust increasing options for girls

  • SFW mode not working in Little Fox meeting

  • card destroying tab selecting vault tab

  • treasure hunt won’t reset if defeated in ambush

  • Alice’s 5th event animations not changing

  • sfw skipped notification not showing in many events

  • alice’s anal wc not raising statistics

  • missing image in Grace bath massage

  • Kiara story sex not increasing creampie counter

  • Alice story events not increasing creampie counter

  • Mina’s 3rd event not increasing Alice’s masturbation counter

  • Mina’s 13th event not increasing cunnilingus counter

  • Mina’s footjob not increasing statistics counter

  • Succubus (Pink) getting Threesome counter for both succubi in one scene

  • possible tutorial overflow beyond screen on some displays

  • image not updated when expanding hotel

  • some grammar/spelling mistakes



  • map find events support for events triggered with dialogue options


  • now you need to met Grace first before using map

  • removed one line in beginner guide


  • map showed available events even if you already improved relations with girl that day

  • error due to having more story progress than intended, be it after using console, cheats or possibly game bug

  • map event finder not updating after some events not progressing time

  • error on opening wardrobe after new game



  • map mechanic implemented, it shows where girls and story events are, and allows insta-travel

  • new gui to inventory/character/journal menus

  • added 168 images

  • added 24 animations


  • help in case game’s not working to main folder

  • notifications to bad endings

  • nicknames to some girl stats

  • 6 wallpapers

  • lexi event

  • lexi repeatable H

  • cunnilingus to Lexi stats

  • one replay

  • new little fox stats image

  • little fox image is changed in full sfw mode

  • can get a dream when sleeping with a girl

  • craftable lexi outfit

  • Savenia to wardrobe

  • 8 outfits to wardrobe

  • optimized long game performance

  • sanity ‘safety belt’ for main 12th event

  • if you can get unique event on exploration it will be shown


  • during suicide you no longer lose items

  • now sacrifice damage won’t be affected by buffs/debuffs

  • now music changes entirely in H scenes outside

  • characteristics menu was hidden till mechanic is implemented

  • increased size of destroy cost

  • regeneration buff - now it decreases when burning, and negates with poison

  • now quick sleep button will take you back to where you were before using it


  • Alice 13th event stuck at the end sometimes

  • Alice animation in waking up cunnilingus skipping

  • black screen when choosing if to cum inside or outside in Alice scene

  • whispers not disappearing in new outside H scenes

  • Lexi handjob last animation ending awkwardly fast, now it loops

  • grace no image bug in standing massage without animations

  • 12th main quest can end with weird jump

  • empower effect giving one less strength than it should

  • item overflow out of bag

  • card preview in crafting/destroy

  • clipping in one lil fox render

  • mina feet massage can’t be done in sfw mode

  • error on Mina’s feet massage

  • some enemy action text in sfw mode being to explicit

  • amanda picture (nipples) could be seen in full sfw mode

  • secret H scene showing in in sfw mode

  • Kiara showing up in the gallery before unlocking library

  • trader discount not loading

  • can leave pc when writing code

  • Grace can have pyjamas scenes without unlocking this outfit

  • could trigger Alice’s 14th event without playroom

  • can give Lexi ice cream before she tells us she like them

  • could check at f2 shelf at night, and it would have day renders

  • wakeup from Mina sleepover only to find Alice sleeping there

  • Alice can be sleeping in our bed after we slept in hers

  • Alice can be sleeping in our bed after Lexi 11th event and Mina 15th event

  • wandering trader’s daughter didn’t get her father discount

  • not all buttons showing in trade screen

  • price wrapping sometimes

  • reading books taking time if it’s capped and not taking otherwise

  • many typos

Mods - Added

  • support for adding new wardrobe outfits/people

  • 6 lexi emotions

  • new frames - minimap_frame_player, minimap_frame_event



  • added 650 images

  • added 80 animations

  • added 35 events & scenes + 14 additional variants

  • added Savenia Dorack, new main girl (biker girl)

  • added SFW mode, you can stream AL now! Check settings.


  • SFW mode

  • Lexi 10th event

  • Lexi 11th event

  • expanded Lexi shower scene

  • H scene to Lexi shower

  • sex, thighjob counter to Lexi

  • Main 12th event

  • Alice 13th event

  • Alice 14th event

  • can sleep with Alice in player bed (5 variants)

  • we can now find Alice sleeping in our bed

  • 4 scenes with Alice in our bed (8 variants)

  • repeatable BDSM H for Alice (7 variants)

  • submission, sleep sex, bdsm, massage counter to Alice

  • you can build next hotel floor now

  • Savenia 1st event

  • Savenia 2nd event

  • Savenia to girl stats

  • Savenia to the journal

  • Grace 10th event

  • Grace repeatable H

  • boobjob, outside counter to Grace

  • Mina 16th event

  • Mina’s route to her stats

  • treasure hunt event (1 medium event, 8 mini events)

  • expanded warehouse scene

  • Little Fox to girl stats

  • Little Fox to journal

  • suicide

  • bad ending - corruption

  • bad ending - sanity

  • bad ending - “His” influence

  • new enemy

  • new arena

  • new music

  • wallpaper

  • one replay category

  • 14 replays

  • message when clicking locked collectible


  • now if you leave when Lexi is taking a shower, she would finish it, and do something else

  • characteristics note

  • orc group loot

  • tips now shown name only after completing first event

  • default hotel music

  • improved fade_slow transition


  • recurring nightmare not showing prior image in replay/dreams mode

Mods - Added

  • optional days attribute to NPC.check() method

  • calc_gui(pixels) - quick way to calculate pixels to your game format

  • scope variable to replays

  • 7 mina emotions - ouch, shocked, eyeroll, apologetic, sigh, exasperated, smile cum

  • 2 alice emotions - pout, closed

Mods - Changed

  • gui mode is now defined at -999 init



  • support for animated scenes option to explore/return scenes

  • time flowing in secret scene

  • bdsm, denial counter to succubi

  • wooden horse now adds to bdsm counter

  • reminder to mina’s 15th event

  • 1 audio file

  • 2 emoticons


  • bandits with guns now deal a little more damage

  • increased hovered card size in the vault

  • now not all wallpapers are lootable (eq. secret wallpapers)

  • balanced wallpaper drop chance


  • trader discount not saving

  • trader items reset after game exit

  • player massage skills not saving

  • bandits dealing negative amount of damage if weakened

  • block increasing from enemy attacks

  • respectful referral not triggering

  • fireball exhausting

  • dragon starting combat with ultimate ability

  • possibly weird looking buttons

  • spelling mistakes

Mods - Added

  • characters, and ignored attributes to set_states()

  • stat_sleep to NPCs

  • add_submission() to NPC class

  • stat_bdsm to NPC class

  • optional set attribute to advance_time()

  • emoticon sm/sp screens

Mods - Changed

  • how wallpaper system works, now not all wallpapers are lootable from combat

Mods - Fixed

  • unable to save after using some triggers



  • how unique story events are triggered, now it’s much more open


  • missing words when watching series

  • fire breath exhausting

  • exploit at Lola’s pilediver scene

  • using destroying through forge results in a bugged screen

  • weird things happening after pyjamas party event

  • Alice clothes changing sometimes in her 10th and 11th events

  • not full notification in 5th main story event

  • some spelling mistakes



  • added 48 images

  • added 17 animations


  • a new line to Combat tutorial

  • new items to the traders

  • Quick Save/ Quick Load keybindings, F5 to save, F9 to load

  • percentage of unlocked events to the gallery

  • card destroying to the storage/crafting menus

  • new item, Coal, it’s used to destroy cards

  • coal to sentient enemies lootlists

  • new hidden deal to the devil, to resist hidden corruption

  • 263 flags to game files

  • Alice’s tv

  • 2 discord codes, for people with 10th level there

  • secret scene

  • 2 secret wallpapers

  • Lola to journal

  • Lola event (by Osamabeenfappin)

  • Lola repeatable H

  • tutorial to character menu

  • 2 replays, Secret category

  • Lexi’s laptop

  • now you can eat bananas :)

  • f1 cupboard


  • lowered requirements for helping Mina with Alice

  • ‘Q’ now also closes new tutorials

  • one wallpaper code

  • increased chance to drop wallpaper after win (2.5% -> 10.0%)

  • now training after maxing stats doesn’t advance time

  • reworked card destroying menu

  • various menus will now close when you click outside them

  • when you find cat, the time advances now

  • improved some exploration loot

  • cards are now destroyed with coal

  • how much corruption you get during some scenes

  • now whispers stop during H outside

  • optimized replay gallery loading time

  • now some replays categories will have name before completing any events

  • removed most story events from replay dreams/exploration categories

  • moved some replay categories

  • journal tips are now sorted


  • whispers not stopping in wanderer’s hideout discover event

  • foxy camera control reversed

  • sukki having one animation in lifting H repeated

  • Stranded outfit needing 5 Cloth instead of 4

  • perspective resetting on moving items during trade, and in vault

  • getting 0 amount of items

  • grace sometimes disappearing from the hotel

  • restore my clarity devil option, working like remove corruption

  • error on game over from hidden corruption

  • exploit with life steal and sacrificing hp

  • notifications in third main event, now all are displayed

  • getting over max in luck throw for hiding from chimera

  • Grace losing trust instead of Mina in “spin the bottle” game

  • Alice gym outfit footjob using default outfit

  • 12th Alice event not regaining hp/sanity

  • Alice’s bored expression, being not sharp

  • some notifications being too quick to see

  • error on being mean to Mina

  • teleport after first Lola event

  • replay gallery being over toolbar

  • few pyjamas party renders clipping

  • leaving Lola room leading to hideout square

  • possible errors during loading (“KeyError: u’movie_Obj/PC/a’”)

  • now you can’t use Lexi laptop if girls are using it

  • many spelling/grammar mistakes

Mods - Major

  • reworked traders implementation, now changes are made automatically to them, use define

Mods - Added

  • sacrifice option to enemy atk method, deafult False

  • unlocked boolean, needed when adding to replays_list, decided if name is seen from the start

  • four trigger to death

  • being heal method now returns amount healed

  • can make heal method do notification, make_message = True

Mods - Changed

  • how arena animation is determined, now all renpy images work



  • added new goth side character Lola, she lives in the wanderer’s hideout (by Osamabeenfappin)

  • added 171 images

  • added 16 animations


  • Meeting Lola (by Osamabeenfappin)

  • pyjamas party event with Mina, Grace, and Alice (by DarrDorack)

  • dream - Millionaire

  • new H to Mina’s massage

  • 3 replays

  • 2 replay categories

  • Lola to characters menu

  • monthly (5) wallpapers


  • whispers not disappearing sometimes

  • dream, Dekesha not having replay image



  • added tutorial menu, and a few tutorials (default key: Q)

  • reworked character, and choice menus

  • can add your own custom music to the game! Check settings for instruction.

  • can make music playlists in the settings!

  • added 40 images

  • added 5 animations


  • intro

  • starting image

  • game icon reimplemented

  • logo to the main menu

  • new cheat codes for all tiers

  • a few tutorials

  • tutorial menu, to the quick menu (default key: Q) (test)

  • Grace now also takes bath, additional H (decided by poll)

  • show/reset tutorials options to the settings

  • tutorials to the quick menu

  • options to toggle sound notifications

  • custom menus to the characters

  • Succubi to the character menu

  • statistics to the character menu

  • improved error recovery, might help if you’ve corrupted your game playing with console

  • 1 replay

  • a few transitions


  • Preferences renamed to Settings

  • choice menu, now it looks better

  • characters menu

  • replay of Grace’s shower now allows to choose her attitude

  • increased prices of girls at the hideout

  • balanced loot a little


  • Grace standing breasts massage missing image

  • statistics not increasing in Kiara scenes

  • statistics not increasing in Mina cunnilingus scene

  • not advancing time in Grace’s shower scene

  • blocked Kiara’s 2nd event in some cases

  • giving Grace rose, without having any

  • a lot of grammar and spelling errors (thanks to Strectmar)

  • rare error on game load

  • misplaced masks in the vault


  • help icon from the pc

Mods - Major

  • now your pathways can also be relative to mods folder (myMod/1.png instead of mods/myMod/1.png)

Mods - Added

  • support for up to 20 dialogue options being displayed at once (previously 9)

  • option to add your own characters to the character menu

  • 6 new text tags - love, lust, quiet, small, big, loud



  • added 88 images

  • added 19 animations

  • The first side activity for Mina! Improve you massage skill, and get a treat ;)


  • dream - Dekesha by Darrdorack (check)

  • vault can now be scrolled or dragged to move

  • Mina’s side quest - feet massage (test)

  • 7 images to Mina’s 5th event, and different enemies

  • (Coming soon) to the notification about reaching stat cap

  • a few tips to Alice’s question game, now it’s stated clearly that you don’t need to answer all questions to win, only three of eight

  • button to fix gallery to the pc


  • now there is no infinite combat loop at mina’s 5th event, there are 4 waves.

  • Act of Creation card, now it produces random materials, it has a chance to drop most new items.


  • vault items getting off window

  • trader menu items getting off window

  • gunsmith station mask being off placed

  • Mina & Lexi using pc being off placed

  • collectible image having hard time closing sometimes

  • when trying to close collectible image, opening another image

  • sound not stopping when facing Chimera during exploration

  • chimera steps being too rushed

  • cat “Found” replay not ending properly

  • not getting a kiss in Mina’s “Concerned Friend” replay, also you can give her ice cream now

  • exploit allowing to get many Shot cards from Alice’s shelf, even though you’ve had Shot card already

  • in replay Alice’s Q&A having no items to pay

  • some weird sounding lines

  • some spelling mistakes

Mods - Added

  • player skills dict to Player class

  • Massage skill

  • improve_skill(sk, amt = 1) method to Player class, it improves or adds a skill to the player, can be used to decrease skill



  • forge description still saying crafting is work-in-progress

  • (all fixes from 0.1.4c)

Mods - Added

  • 2 new text tag {trust} & {bad}



  • first wakeup scenes, tell your girls to fuck your brains out before getting up!

  • now you can store cards in the vault! Also you can upgrade it further with two new expansions!

  • card crafting was implemented with two crafting tables, and 6 new cards. 20 recipes await.

  • 25 new items to loot from enemies will be used to craft cards. Generally this should reduce grind a lot.

  • reworked vault screen, now you can change its tabs, to card storage, crafting stations.

  • added over 500 images

  • added 97 animations


  • 6 cards, can be obtained only through crafting

  • 25 new items

  • 20 crafting recipes

  • 8 new events to the gallery, one new category

  • 2 Alice’s wakeup scenes

  • Alice story event

  • 2 vault expansions

  • 3 Mina’s story events

  • 2 new together H for succubi

  • wanderer hideout, and brothel with four prostitutes (make pedestrians)

  • storing cards in vault

  • crafting cards

  • one render and dialogue line to the 10th main story event

  • Kiara’s story event

  • Kiara’s threesome repeatable H


  • most lootlists

  • replay gallery labels, added padding

  • first help screen text a little


  • not likely, yet possible error when saving in trade/vault

  • Mysterious Trader never appearing if you were unlucky (or started new game)

Mods - Added

  • 2 buttons - button_craft_stone & button_craft_steel

  • 5 succab emotions

  • 1 kiara emotion - sigh

  • can add tabs to the vault

  • can add recipes to the forge and the gunsmith

  • can make new crafting tables using vanilla screen

  • chinatown2 arena



  • first help screen text a little


  • error on sleepover with Mina

  • Mysterious Trader never appearing if you were unlucky (or started new game)

  • Lexi not being topless, she has nice tits, let them out!

  • null chance of Grace being at the wc, now it’s ~16% every morning

  • spelling mistake in Regrow Limbs card

  • not being able to fuck in warehouse replay scene



  • reworked replay gallery, now it shows preview images, added dozens of scenes and a few new categories

  • added 92 images


  • background to replays that contains ‘talks’

  • turn to Mina option when peeking at sleeping Lexi

  • monthly (5) wallpapers, which are preview for 0.1.5


  • now if you peek at girls under shower for too long, time will advance


  • Alice’s toilet H menu not triggering

  • error after sleepover at Alice’s bed

  • many spelling mistakes

  • continuity error in mina’s 4th event

  • no image bug when trying to see Alice’s Training event replay before building a gym in a new game

  • can look for enemy and do a succubus hunt at night


  • friendly reminder when using console/developer mode, it was annoying

Mods - Added

  • new button displayable button_label, can be used with background attribute

  • you can now add your own scenes/categories to replay gallery

  • now you can change vault’s space per level

  • before_shuffle trigger

  • option to add code to trigger directly, through appending function like this trigger.before_combat_screen.append(myFunction)

  • dream_end label now ends replay automatically

  • death2 label now ends replay automatically

  • explore_return label now ends replay automatically

  • now fight() skips combat automatically if in replay, can be disabled by setting replay_mode = False when calling fight()

Mods - Fixed

  • error/bug when using console (in freeroam) to jump to a label that ends with return (on this event’s end)



  • Succubus hunt option to the entrance doors

  • option to look for enemies to entrance door


  • Cease Fire Treaty card - removed destroy and thorns, added exhaust, cost 1 -> 2

  • decreased chance for random combat encounter during exploration 45% -> 15%

  • increased items received from helping Kiara and Lexi 1-2 -> 2-4

  • some transitions in lexi’s 8th event


  • cards spelling mistakes

  • pink succubus not requiring the white one for the threesome scene

  • wrong name when asking for threesome with white succubus

  • error when trying to trade stats without having that much

  • some weird bug one player had, freeze on Alice’s question, according to the game all questions were answered, which shouldn’t be possible, still it will progress if that happens to someone

  • Lexi’s laptop mask being off

  • Grace’s 7th event not unlocking in the replay gallery

  • using Freedom card causing error

  • animations not ending in many repeatable H scenes

  • lexi not covered in cum after hj

  • grace maid fingering showing images in incorrect order

  • toggling animated scenes mid scene making one animation to run for the whole scene

  • alice footjob in gym outfit showing animations in casual outfit instead

Mods - Major

  • reworked the whole file structure, severely increasing overwriting vanilla files compatibility with future versions

Mods - Added

  • track of current label, it’s in the _label variable

  • customizable text tags, check text_tags.rpy in functions/qol



  • added over 350 images

  • added over 30 animations

  • added new Patron’s cheat codes

  • added 17 events


  • 2 Lexi events

  • 2 Alice events

  • 2 Mina events

  • all main girls’ toilet events

  • Grace’s change event

  • all main girls’ sleep events

  • 2 sleepover events

  • 8 Alice’s repeatable H scenes, 3 unique + 5 variants

  • Book of Secrets book

  • Introduction to Vampires book

  • Kain’s Diary book

  • Astral Etiquette book

  • 4 main story events

  • 10 cheat codes


  • now if you use antibiotics you need to wait a few days for Alice to get better

  • Lexi’s and wc renders redone

Mods - Added

  • a few new pages to the documentation, changed or expanded a few other

  • support for tweaking characters states (what they do, where they are)

  • a few Alice’s emotions, one Lexi’s emotion



  • quick rest/sleep button

  • option to change max memory size, increase performance by using more memory

  • option to use only RAM as image cache if you don’t have enough Graphical Memory

  • more transitions to Alice’s shower scene

  • new images in selecting prisoner choice menu

  • one audio to the dream

  • 3 events to the gallery


  • now you have much higher chance to find rose when you need it

  • succubus help

  • made Recurring Nightmare’s text no longer being too long in some lines


  • many typos, improved flow, thanks to Strectmar

  • random combat encounter taking two time periods

  • some cards’ effects not working with immunities

  • Fireborn card causing error

  • now you can’t enter playroom before building it

  • now you won’t need to rollback after trying to talk to the prisoners when having no prisoners

  • dragon not using ultimate abilities (not that someone actually get so far with it)

  • bug with AL keymap help

  • sleep with dream advancing time by two days

  • About menu, now Ren’Py updates won’t be able to mess it up

Mods - Major

  • reworked triggers, now they can actually use global/local variables, as they are in fact executed in code now, not in the trigger object. You don’t need to compile triggers anymore, I got you covered, it’ll be compiled automatically at game startup.

Mods - Removed

  • old card methods granting effect, only buff() method should be used to increase or decrease status effects

Mods - Added

  • 5 looting triggers and 3 new ones to combat

Mods - Changed

  • now cards are reset with load using reset() method (you need to initialize your variables here). __init__() by default calls this method.

Mods - Fixed

  • trigger after_load_start triggering instead of after_load_end



  • around 20 images

  • You can check drawers in player’s room now

  • alice’s shelf

  • now you can read the document on Lexi’s desk

  • burning immunity status effect

  • Sample Mod, it adds one weird dream and a nice card to drop from melee bandits

  • transitions to praying and mirror


  • noon -> afternoon

  • succubus threesome talk renders

  • one grace’s tip to make it more clear on time

  • you can shot at the sky with Shot card now

  • buffed dragon, added ultimate moves

  • terror now has 50% chance to trigger

  • improved animation of some scenes


  • over a hundred spelling mistakes or improved the dialogue’s flow, thanks to Strectmar’s initial screening

  • error on trying to save the woman

  • possible error when fighting ghouls

  • error on generic combat after loading old save

  • error on Mina noticing us

  • enemies life not being reset in random combat encounter

  • stomping sound continuing after choosing to hide in encounter with chimera

  • dream end dialogue triggering twice

  • possible bug causing dialogue window do disappear only after combat has started

  • terror chance of losing a turn in tooltip

  • error when fighting dragon

  • mysterious trader corruption decrease needed 2 coins

  • spelling mistake in one of Alice’s question

  • Alice’s is no longer so nice to give you a foot job before answering her questions

  • dragon card check

  • mina’s repeatable boob job

  • now you can’t change girl’s petname at 24 trust

Mods - Added

  • Sample Mod to mods/ folder, check it, it’s heavily commented to explain everything going on

  • after_load _start & _end triggers

  • triggers during combat initialization

Mods - Changed

  • for triggers you can now either use a string or (much better for performance) use compiled (at init time) code object (check documentation’s trigger tab)

  • now adding enemies to random combat encounter requires to add them as strings instead of objects

  • now terror tooltip reflects changes to terror chance properly

Mods - Fixed

  • spelling mistakes in a few image names, to make it easier for you to not use wrong name



  • added dreams, there is a chance every time you sleep for a dream, dreams mode released

  • implemented prisoners system

  • you can catch succubi and play with them in the dungeon and playroom, 13 H scenes, they have their own lust mechanic

  • added extensive modding support, check modding documentation to find a way to make your own mods (doesn’t require programming skills, link in modding section of changelog)

  • added over 500 images

  • added over 100 animations, almost doubling animations amount

  • added 49 events/scenes


  • dreams mode (Patrons)

  • 6 dreams, one with 5 variants

  • 4 audio tracks

  • 7 exploration events

  • 5 new enemies orc group & dragon & stickman & ghouls & succubus B, make classes, add card lootlists

  • Alice event

  • Grace event

  • Mina event

  • prisoners system, for now it’s used only for succubus

  • catching succubus, playing with them in the dungeon and the playroom

  • dungeon expansion - playroom

  • 13 H succubus scenes

  • Mina, Alice and Grace showering

  • 5 new arenas + 2 variants

  • 3 new status effects - Terror (chance to skip turn), Stun Immunity, Fury (Gain x strength on receiving damage)

  • 2 new items

  • 4 new cards

  • 8 wallpapers, 2 animated

  • new tags - group (FFM) & BDSM & Pet Play & Orgasm Denial

  • Help appearing on catching first succubus

  • Succubus lust mechanics

  • Grace’s repeatable H scene, 4 variants

  • transitions to Alice’s shower scene

  • you can give main girls petnames if their trust is at least 25, check the mirror

  • Mina’s repeatable H scene, 3 variants


  • now generic combat has flat 45% chance of happening

  • notification assumes different position if in combat

  • reticulate you -> riddle you with bullets

  • now frail along with armor can’t lower your block

  • dungeon looks

  • lowered chance to drop mysterious coin from cultist

  • tweaked every exploration event chance

  • now effects which being is immune to won’t be granted instead of disappearing on being’s turn

  • Alice’s schedule


  • lowered size of old animations (4K: 1.58GB -> 0.88GB, 1080P: 604MB -> 320MB)

  • overlapping tooltip in character screen

Mods - Released

  • online documentation, it shows how to make your mod with new dreams, events, cards, enemies, etc.

  • source code for people with Mod Developer role on Discord

  • AL card templates

  • mod_toolkit script (for now it only enables dev tools & console in AL)

Mods - Added

  • support for adding new status effects & card mechanics, trigger system

  • support for adding your own menus to expanded menu

  • support for replacing game images

  • support for adding new cards

  • support for adding dreams

  • support for changing base dream chance

  • support for adding new enemies & arenas

  • support for adding new enemies & arenas to generic combat event

  • support for adding wallpapers

  • support for adding new cards and changing/adding cards lootlists

  • support for adding new materials and changing/adding items lootlist

  • support for changing sleepover chance to decrease corruption

  • support for changing card loot chance

  • support for changing escape chance

  • support for creating new traders

  • support for adding new prisoners

  • support for adding new succubus

  • support for tweaking succubus lust mechanic

  • support for adding/changing journal tips

  • support for displaying help screen with your text



  • Improved/Changed/Fixed over 1000 dialogue lines. All thanks to Strectmar - new editor

  • added story mode - disables generic combat event (toggled in preferences)

  • now you can spare human enemies to stop corruption from increasing (no materials)


  • new audio track

  • few new images

  • Now you can seal pinky promise with a kiss if she trusts you enough


  • some dialogue & renders in Alice’s 8th event to make it better

  • Mina’s 4th journal tip is now much more clear on what you need to do

  • added new audio track to lexi’s first event

  • now generic combat has 45% chance of appearing

  • peeking at Alice showering now increases corruption

  • Mina’s 5th event renders a little to make the flow better

  • Now rape gives corruption even if you have beyond 50% corruption

  • a few status effect tooltips, to make them more clear


  • wheel of fortune & lycanthropy & healing card mistakes

  • wandering trader intro playing out every time

  • Resurrect effect spelling mistake

  • Vulnerable tooltip spelling mistake

  • Unique cards from cheat codes disappearing on death (use code again)

  • market scenes looking weird

  • getting kicked in the balls is no longer so painful that it raises an error

  • improved/fixed dozens of codex entries



  • now sleeping with a girl increases sanity by additional 3%, there is 50% chance for corruption to decrease by 2%


  • cat name changing after using a vault, load game and the name will be back

  • some repeatable events (like trust events) being hidden

  • weird looking sequence in sleepover

  • dozens of spelling mistakes



  • now you need to only answer 3 of Alice questions

  • trader now by default doesn’t keep (when restocking) items given to him by the player


  • traders not restocking correctly

  • traders not using randomized goods

  • getting blowjob after trading with trader

  • error on asking for wanderer trader daughter

  • exploit at alice questions

  • omitted dialogue lines in alice 7th event



  • fixed false positive virus detection (this time for real) by removing custom game icon


  • Faceless card not exhausting and often costing spirit

  • Hypnotise stunning player instead of enemy

  • reaching 100% corruption not causing game over

  • about page legal section



  • new location for freeroam - library

  • implemented complex trading system along with a few traders

  • added codex, place to gather knowledge you came upon in the Astral Lust with over 90 entries (sleep to update if using old save)

  • implemented unique cards (stay after death) and tarot cards (weird effects)

  • implemented cheat codes system (check pc, codes available on Discord & Patreon)

  • you can now sleep with one of the girls (sleepover, 3 variants)

  • added 9 story events, exploration event, 3 repeatable events

  • added 30 animations

  • added over 330 images

  • added 6 H scenes + 2 erotic scenes + 4 H scenes variants

  • added 25 cards

  • added 7 collectibles and 6 wallpapers

  • added 16 cheat codes (free/patron codes all available on Discord and Patreon)

  • updated Ren’py, it should fix false positive virus detections.

  • optimization of card loading, cards now load about 2x faster, useful with large decks.

  • new tags/fetishes - feet, anal


  • new location - library

  • talk with Kiara

  • codex with over 90 entries

  • new emoticon - codex entry

  • repeatable work for Kiara

  • praying at the altar

  • 2 Kiara story events

  • Kiara scenes to gallery

  • Kiara to journal

  • Kiara desk sex as repeatable

  • 7 collectibles, 2 animated

  • 16 cheat codes

  • reminder for people using console and a warning to not run auto_destruct(), seriously, don’t

  • hover tooltips to character menu

  • movie icon if wallpaper / collectible is animated

  • 3 unique cards

  • 22 tarot cards

  • Forbid Tarot status effect

  • Mysterious Trader, appearing sometimes at the library

  • Kiara to the wardrobe

  • 6 wallpapers, 1 unlockable only through combat, 2 animated

  • Hollow Market - exchange tab, check the pc.

  • 2 alice events

  • alice repeatable H, 3 scenes, one with 5 variants

  • alice taking showers at the evening

  • 3 sounds

  • main story 2 events

  • grace event

  • exploration event - friendly wanderers, 2 H scenes

  • codex entries for previous content

  • 2 mina events

  • 9 events to the gallery

  • sleepover with Mina, 3 variations depending on trust and rng


  • death on Mina’s 5th event no longer resets your deck

  • now the same things when looted are summed up

  • the way enemy loot works, now every item has independent chance to drop

  • text when trying to build a forge / dungeon, now it’s more clear about rooms current functionality

  • added [Corruption / Madness] to warehouse attack choices

  • slight optimization of save loading

  • notifications no longer overlap with day counter and enemy effects first line

  • lowered corruption increase after killing humans

  • inventory now sums up quest items

  • vault now uses modified trading system GUI

  • improved inventory, character, girls, characteristics, deck and wardrobe screens

  • now you can hide quest items in vault

  • Cease Fire Treaty rebalanced - cost 0 -> 1, now it removes Invulnerability, it’s destroyed instead of exhausted

  • journal no longer resizes itself depending on content

  • true damage no longer scales with Vulnerable, Strength and Weak effects

  • sacrifice no longer scales with Strength and Weak effects

  • refreshed about page


  • enemy still hitting you after dying from thorns

  • attacking a few times after enemy health hits 0 no longer triggers thorn damage

  • now killing humans always trigger corruption increase

  • pc icons not showing up after inserting wallpaper code and using exit icon

  • possible bug causing day counter to not appear after combat

  • stun effect not having effect on player

  • sacrifice no longer triggers thorn damage

  • stun effect ticking down 2 stacks / turn

  • some spelling and grammar mistakes



  • added 7 story events

  • added over 200 images

  • added over 20 animations

  • added 3 animated H scenes

  • added 6 repeatable H scenes variants

  • added 2 outfits


  • Lexi’s 6th and 7th story events

  • Mina’s 6th and 7th story events

  • Grace’s 6th and 7th story events

  • Alice’s 6th story event

  • you can now train at the gym with Alice

  • Alice can now appear at the gym

  • repeatable Grace event

  • repeatable Lexi event

  • Alice gym outfit

  • Grace maid outfit

  • Gym outfit support for Alice blowjob

  • new story events added to gallery

  • 2 new fully animated arenas for generic combat

  • 6 outfits to wardrobe


  • now you can’t have fun with girls if their trust is zero or negative

  • now fights with giants take place in designated arena which emphasizes their size


  • hp bar shows full hp before taking damage / healing

  • emoticons not disappearing after rollback



  • implemented journal and help (press ‘Q’)

  • you can now escape generic combat

  • enemies drop loot

  • expanded and enhanced some events

  • emoticons added

  • unification of saves from 1080p and 2160p (4k) branch

  • bugfixes and QoL features


  • transitions to all events that didn’t have them

  • Critic effect (deal x times the damage next time you deal damage)

  • Forbid debuffs (can’t play cards of given category)

  • replay icon

  • help shows after intro, it can also be found on pc or by pressing ‘Q’

  • checking girls stats through girls menu (heart)

  • defeated enemies drop loot (materials, will change to unique materials after card crafting is implemented)

  • ability to (try to) run during generic combat encounter, agility increases chance (20% + 2% per agility point), capped at 65%

  • fridge implemented, you can have a snack in a kitchen now

  • healing now gives indications in fight

  • support for cards that cause drawing card

  • journal, check progress and find tips about new events

  • expanded 2nd Lexi event

  • faint whispers now haunt you outside

  • sound when losing girl stats

  • animated scenes option support for grace massage

  • emoticons appear on girl stat change

  • shop icon to pc

  • easy rescaling all game screens for dev and modders, designed for increased compatibility between versions and possible 720p, compressed web and mobile versions.

  • Life Steal implemented

  • some enemies start combat with status effects

  • Patreon and Discord buttons to menu

  • Astral Lust keymap in Help menu


  • enemy battle animations are now slower

  • starting player max hp 100 -> 50

  • replay gallery now as pc app

  • made “quiet” text bigger

  • removed lust need for 4th Alice event

  • removed black screen from generic combat

  • notifications at the middle of the screen duration 6.0s -> 4.0s

  • 4th Lexi event now requires Mina affection 1 instead of 4

  • now menu’s are above most other screens

  • it’s now impossible to trigger Grace events in her room when she is cleaning 1st floor

  • sleep now heals fixed 30hp instead of 100% hp

  • enemy faction now displays in other color

  • tweaked corruption and sanity change on killing humans

  • max hand 9 -> 7

  • some effects can now take negative values

  • now at the beginning of your turn you draw at least 1 card

  • 1st Lexi and 1st Dog events enhanced a little

  • enemy intention changes position when menu is expanded

  • increased loot chance at the market

  • orgasms are no longer cutscenes, they can be clicked through

  • now you can still train after reaching cap, but it won’t increase stats

  • Bite sp cost 2 -> 1

  • now 1080p and 2160p use the same save folder in appdata, they are fully compatible

  • way cards behave in combat (drawing)

  • slightly increased Scavengers damage

  • in-game discord link

  • vertical spacing between enemy effects increased

  • now it’s much easier to find ice creams

  • other minor changes


  • card destroying in forge

  • re-rendered grace massage animation to delete artifacts

  • error on clicking cupboard in the f1(b) corridor

  • error on trying to enter preferences

  • many grammar mistakes

  • gallery screen not hiding correctly

  • day counter not appearing after combat

  • bandit girl displaying as bandit group

  • Kiara sex scene

  • error at 3rd mina and lexi event

  • error at 5th mina event and one image showing out of sequence

  • text position being a little off in vault

  • loading game after deleting persistent data causes NameError if didn’t start new game at least once

  • strength effect displaying with decimal part

  • cards healing causing errors

  • damage indications ‘flying from corner’ in 1080p version

  • 4th mina event not setting flag correctly

  • possible bug causing cutscenes to not play

  • now you can’t make outfit you already have

  • possible error when meeting bandits

  • you can no longer spam end turn

  • some cards not giving described effect

  • error on using some cards

  • player healing throwing error on 2160p branch

  • cards attacking few times attacking at the same time so it shows indications on top of one another

  • card loot containing less than 3 cards in some cases

  • Faceless Giant stealing boolean type effects as integers

  • cards ‘redrawing’ themselves after using a card to the left of them

  • a few other bugs


Initial Release